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Mar 4, 2024

The Engineer of Finance podcast host, Ken Greene, starts by discussing his recent trip to Santa Monica and the contrasting weather in the Reno-Tahoe area. He expresses gratitude for being able to enjoy both environments.

Ken then reflects on the workshop he attended in Santa Monica, where he learned from successful entrepreneurs and realized a blind spot regarding work-life balance. He admits to becoming complacent with releasing episodes of his podcast consistently and apologizes for missing several episodes. He shares that negative influences from marketing people affected his vision for the podcast's growth but emphasizes that he will not give up on his vision.
Ken mentions upcoming improvements, such as a new website and potential sponsorships or affiliates in the future.

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Episode Highlights

  • The tranquility of the snowfall and his gratitude for the diverse environments he gets to experience
  • His complacency and failing to release podcast episodes weekly as promised due his negative interpretation of certain comments from two marketers
  • His commitment to the vision of the podcast and how he has severed ties with the marketers who influenced him negatively
  • Ken’s gratitude for his audience and teases the new direction his podcast is going to take

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