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Mar 11, 2024

Ken Greene discusses the process of active investing and how it compares to passive investment strategies. His approach is more hands-on, watching the market daily, as he sees it as a way to relax and keep himself engaged. He underlines the importance of being aware of one's financial position and evaluates the patterns in the stock market to make informed decisions.

Greene emphasizes that the stock market, whilst a powerful tool for accumulating wealth, can be unpredictable. He expressed his concerns about the rapid rise of the stock market, considering it to be "unnatural". He cautions listeners who have taxable and qualified accounts, especially those nearing retirement, to consider cashing in on their returns and transferring the money to safer assets. He also suggests reevaluating your portfolio with the help of your advisor.


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Episode Highlights

  • The stock market's progress since October 30th, emphasizing the 70% return rate, if annualized
  • Importance of anticipating market trends, protecting assets, and the possibility of the market pulling back
  • Considering the impacts of long-term and short-term capital gains on tax bracket
  • Ken’s personal strategy: Moving some money into something else and surprising his family

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