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Feb 24, 2023

The inflation is insane. It needs to stop. It will stop. I just hope it's on our terms.

In this episode, I discussed how to combat inflation due to the pandemic by cutting out fast food and investing in passive income streams. I also shared my opinions on the surge in demand for travel trailers, boats, and toys.


Feb 17, 2023

If you’re going to retire today, are you ready?

After years of hard work, you are entitled to a happy and fulfilling retirement. Travel around the world, spend more time with the family, and get a new hobby — the possibilities are endless. However, retirement can be scary too, especially if you’re not ready.


Feb 10, 2023

Thank you to the guests!

Thank you to Yuri Maltsev - I will miss you. 

California might want to consider playing the opposite game.

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Feb 3, 2023

Fun conversation with Christine Teh about working in the corporate world and her dream to start her own business. We talked about what is involved in becoming an entrepreneur and what she does as a financial coach.


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