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Mar 31, 2023

In this episode of the Engineer of Finance podcast, host Ken Greene delves into the essential topic of work-life balance, highlighting the impact it has on both our professional and personal lives. Drawing on his own experiences, Greene shares powerful insights on the importance of prioritizing our well-being and...

Mar 24, 2023

Ken Greene and Steven Hayes talk about The Fair Tax proposal that seeks to replace income tax with a revenue-neutral retail sales tax, which would simplify the tax code, eliminate payroll and income taxes, reduce prices for individuals, increase disposable income, transfer power back to the people, and...

Mar 17, 2023

The recent bank runs. How does fractional banking work? Is it really profitable until it all stops?

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Mar 10, 2023

Thank goodness for everyone around me that holds me accountable. Who holds you accountable?

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Mar 3, 2023

Fun homework with my 6-year old son that taught simple lessons about earned income and how we can handle money.

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