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May 26, 2023

Ken Greene interviews Max Emma, the founder of BooXkeeping, who shares his journey starting a successful bookkeeping company catering to entrepreneurs and small businesses. He emphasizes the importance of accurate bookkeeping in understanding a business's financial health and offers monthly financial...

May 19, 2023

Ken Greene discusses the importance of constantly improving and focusing on Stephen Covey’s 7th Habits Sharpen the saw. Charge those batteries so you can keep improving.

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May 12, 2023

Ken Greene interviews Lynn Raynault, CEO of Questis, and John Tabb, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer. Questis helps employees improve their financial health through behavior-based goals and plans, utilizing a platform that combines technology and human guidance. The company works with employers to create...

May 5, 2023

Ken Greene interviews Marguerita Cheng (Rita), CEO of Blue Ocean Global Wealth and charity marathon runner. Rita shares her multicultural background and passion for ethical financial planning. Her company focuses on education and providing competent, ethical advice to clients, regardless of their net worth....